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Special promotion of rebuilt parts


This week we promote CARNIX rebuilt parts - Alternator, C.V.Joint, Starter & Steering Gear.

Carnix Alternator supplies stable electricity to all the electrical devices. It will help to run the ignition and the engine control system efficiently.

Carnix CV Joint is designed to meet rigid tolerances with torsion and fatigue strength. It ensures longer durability because of high quality components and rigorous engineering.

Carnix Starter will initiate the engine efficiently under its own power. It provides the engine from enough high speed from its battery.

Carnix Steering Gear helps drivers steer vehicles efficiently by augmenting steering effort of the steering wheel. It has high quality, competitive price and long time usage.

Choose Carnix, Carnix promises you with only high quality products made in Korea.


  • Item : Alternator, C.V.Joint, Starter & Steering Gear
  • Range : Passenger & Commercial Vehicles, etc.
  • Origin : Made in Korea
  • Condition : Rebuilt
  • Total : 807 - Alternator(162), C.V.Joint(415), Starter(139), Steering Gear(91)


CARNIX Rebuilt Parts

  CARNIX Alternator       CARNIX C.V.Joint       CARNIX Starter     CARNIX Steering Gear  

If you are interested in this promotion, please contact us at any time.   ☞ Email  

※ The CARNIX parts continue to be developed. And you can check new parts of these items on the CARNIX website.

CARNIX Item Category - Korean Auto Parts
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